Gregory Way


This website is under construction. I am a business owner who develops full stack applications and offers them SaaS style. If you have a need for some or all of the technology I will present here feel free to contact me. 808-281-9841.

My Zoom Billing Project is nearly complete. There are four related websites.

Payment Processor - offers up the technology in RESTful API to ASP.NET developers who need billing, credit card processing or mobile credit card processing with EMV.

Zoom Billing - The single page app billing system, offered to those who need a customized marketing message instead of a boring billing system. Includes customer portals.

Comory Systems - - Mobile EMV credit card processing and billing system combined into single platform. - - Flat rate, no monthly, offer of same platform.

All of these websites are offers of the same platform. Rather than complicate it with menus and different options I setup a few domains to address various needs.