Free Hmail AntiSpam Documentation

If you are looking to solve your spam problem, rather than buy expensive equipment or software a user-friendly solution is being born.

I am not saying I am the only guy in the whole world that has the answer, I am saying I have lots of experience as ex ISP owner and thousands of customers to say you should give us a try if your serious about AntiSpam.

Don't let free fool you this is a serious solution.

Real Docs

End User: Reply to email adding the word spam at end of subject or the start or the middle as long as the word spam is there. Keeping the subject intact.
Admin: Install software (see below) and move to next task such as visiting other site made for you we like to simplify your life.
Blacklist based system. We all get spam, HmailServer has tons of premade-options. Even includes spamassasin. To what end? You still get spam. This solves the problem and gives users control over what is spam.
Sometimes you have to reply more than once as spammer changes(I wont say what). If this happens, it is not a bug, simply reply with spam in subject and problem solved (again) know you wont get spam from them now. At Least until they chang things again. But, it is expensive and time consuming to do so. If you don't sign up at least remember never to reply to spam. When in doubt treat any email like spam.

User Example

subject: blahblahblah
Hit Reply
Add spam...Becomes...
subject: re:blahblahblahspam
subject: re: spamblahblahblah
subject: re: blahspamblahblah

hit send
Enter the following to get your Free Copy it doesnt record anything other than a counter saying you were here.
You can reach the author of this product at gregoryway@gregoryway any time. For any question. No such thing as dumb question. I see it as my fault, if you don't get it.
Expect it to redirect to a page and the download plus restated install docs (below).
You can reach me at should you need anything or have any difficulties with the form.

Legal: I have read the subscription agreement {here.}

Install (admin)

1. A working hMail Install is required.
If you installed somewhere other than the default path then make sure to create "C:\Program Files (x86)\hMailServer\Logs" and assign everybody permission or enough security to run the app
2. Download the zip containing the files you need. When you sign up.
3. Run from DOS prompt regasm hmailantispam.dll /tlb:hmailantispam.tlb /codebase "C:\temp\hMailAntiSpam\hmailantispam.dll". This DOS command register the .net codebase to the OS so that it will work. 4. copy the .vbs file to wherever you have the hMail Email Server and make sure to enable scripts(Settings->Advanced->Scripts enabled)
The location of the .vbs in a regular install is C:\Program Files (x86)\hMailServer\Events use that to find EventHndlers.vbs and replace it.
Create a domains.txt and put domains preceeded by the @ symbol to protect domains that have lot of users. This newly created file goes in the same logs directory as the install of hmail. See example if in doubt.
Making sure to restart the hMail Email server once all is done. I would make for all of you an installer but it might be guessing where hMail is installed and not work.
Having a working solution is better than GUI installer.
I know it sounds like bsbs to do this by hand but it works.
Small donations are at my site Get an account for 5 buck and simplify Form and Ecommerce in the process.